Launch of the New Englestad and Associates Website

Posted: April 30, 2013 in Uncategorized


Introducing our latest project, Englestad and Associates is happy to announce the launch of their new website, Father Pierre Jean De Smet’s Mission Map. Due to copyright issues the exact map can not at this time be displayed.

In the modern digitial world, old disciplines such as history may have been perceived to be left in the proverbial “dust”. However, we at Englestad and Associates do not believe this to be the case. Using modern technology we have been able to take a map that is over one hundred and seventy years old, and place it on an interactive Google Maps platform.

Why , you ask, would someone want to engage in such an endeavor? The answer: Discovery.

As a professional historian our site can put into perspective the relationships between Native peoples and some of their first interactions with European culture tradition and religion. By including background information for the areas depicted on the map the historian can either confirm or question believes they hold about a location, or the group of individuals located there. Engage in discourse with other professionals, or even locals in the areas depicted, though use of user generated content, who have access to oral histories the historian may have never heard.

However, not only historians will find our site useful. Even those just interested in the great outdoors, will find our site fantastic. Get feedback on trails in the confines of this map by other users in the forums, as well as topographical maps and imagery to help you plan your route. You may even learn some history along the way.

Come and see what insight you can get today!


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