A Rewarding Prototype Experience

Posted: April 30, 2013 in Uncategorized



           This week we were designed with creating a prototype of our project. This was actually, a little easier than I had expected. My first thoughts were to build a PowerPoint presentation to explain exactly what our project was designed to do. I figured with the amount of time and technical expertise, building a working prototype of this particular site would be technologically advanced beyond my own skillset.

            During lunch one day I was discussing this project with a friend of mine and he introduced me to a prototype platform that I could use to display what the project would look like and be aesthetically more pleasing than a boring PowerPoint presentation. The name of the site is Axure, and you can create interactive HTML prototypes with this software.  I of course used the free version, and there was some limitation but overall it was achieving the need for functionality and it was vastly more aesthetically pleasing than PowerPoint. But I kept having this feeling that I wanted to wow everyone with all this hard work I had been putting into my internship this semester, and with that I decided to use a remarkably more interesting and interactive platform. This platform is known as Neatline.


             The first time I attempted to use this platform I became very frustrated as it seemed to be a little on the buggy side of things and at the very least temperamental. But after a second try things moved a little more smoothly. As I played more in their sandbox, I was able to figure more of the controls and was able to depict things a little better. In all actuality I was blown away by the amount of information I was able to depict. Not only could I use topography maps, but I could toggle to Google satellite imagery as well. To me this was like the Holy Grail of mapping platforms. 


            I showed my partner this platform and he was instantly impressed. The site overall was very user friendly when put into the user mode, although when making edits, it could be a little frustrating, i.e. forty five minutes to make a like for a trail. But it turned out to be an amazing platform.

            Overall my experience on building this prototype was a very rewarding experience. Not only by using one of the best mapping platforms ever, but it was nice to work with my partner Ryan, who like me has a love for all things history. 


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