Creating an Audience

Posted: April 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

           This week’s assignment was to come up with a few personas that would likely be part of the audience of people who would use our website. We brainstormed and came up with three main reasons why someone would come to this particular website. These three reasons, academia, religion, and the outdoor interests helped us to come up with three personas. It was decided that my partner for this assignment would come up with two personas of his own, while I was tasked to come up with a third.

            Creating this persona was actually a little more complicated that I originally expected. My partner created two personas one of which was the persona of an interested college student, which covered academia. His second, a professor and a priest, covered academia again, but also covered the religious aspect of the website. With these two interests in the site covered that left me with only one other interest.

             I knew I had to do an experienced outdoor orientated person, who would be of a younger age, and who could use modern technology such as a hand held G.P.S. unit. So I decided to call a few friends of mine who are avid outdoorsmen. One said that he liked the idea, and although not a history buff, he would love the challenge of hiking the same trails that people one hundred and seventy years ago traveled on. Another one of my friends looked at it not from the challenge of the hike, or of the historical context, but from a view of the scenery in the area. And my last friend, a college student as well, looked at it from a combination of the scenery, a challenging hike, and the historical aspect of the hike. Regardless of the motivation for looking at the website, all three were very interested in the finished product. This enthusiasm showed me that I was on the right path for a persona that would be very interested in our website.  


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