Digital Narrative: Merging Old and New

Posted: April 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

Digital narrative. When I think of these words separately, it makes me think of two completely different worlds. Digital, this word to me conveys images of technology, the power of the World Wide Web with the speed and ease of a touch screen mobile device. Narrative, this word to me conveys the image of an old book, with yellowed pages being read by candlelight giving the gift of “old” knowledge to its reader. By combining these words I feel like a relationship between old and new is created that gives us a better understanding of not just past events, places and items, but things in our world as well. That, to me, is an effective digital narrative.

This week we were tasked with finding a digital narrative and to analyze it’s effectiveness. For this assignment I chose the Newberry channel on You Tube. This channel has a few videos I am specifically focusing on. In their segments also known as the “Newberry Minute”, curators from the museum take an artifact and give a two to three minute presentation of that particular item. This is a truly amazing digital way to tell the story of an artifact from an era gone by. A merger of an old historical artifact with a modern technological platform, in this case You Tube.

Another bonus to this segment is the overall length of each video. The longest is just over three minutes. During this timeframe an effective narrative about this object is completed, and in a short enough time that a person’s attention doesn’t wander. In a technology driven era where time is of the essence,  this is a very good example of a digital narrative that is very effective.



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